Online Counselling

Online (Video) Counselling

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I understand how difficult it can be when looking for the right Counsellor. It is therefore my aim to provide a safe, supportive space in which you can explore, and connect with your true self. I am passionate about enabling you to develop the internal resources to cope with the stressors that life can bring. I use a Psychodynamic approach to counselling, which means I will draw on your childhood and past experiences to help you to raise self-awareness and understanding of the influence your past can have on your present behaviour, relationships and thought patterns. Once we have explored your past, we will work together to create your new story. Due to the nature of this in depth therapy, sessions can take between 12 weeks to 2+ years. I ask all clients to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks of therapy.

I also use a Transcultural approach to therapy, which means I am willing to understand and work with your different or similar cultural experiences and belief systems. Transcultural Psychotherapy is a form of Psychodynamic Therapy which stresses cultural awareness and sensitivity. I understand that counselling can bring up difficult feelings, and recognise the importance of developing a trusting relationship with you so that you feel seen and heard.

I have experience working with young people, and adults experiencing a variety of challenges such as; anxiety, depression, sex and relationship issues, addiction, and anger. I have a special interest in supporting individuals through challenging life transitions. It is my understanding that as you enter my therapy space you may be experiencing a loss of some kind; whatever stage of life you are in.

*To provide the best service possible, I keep my counselling practice relatively small in order to tailor my reading and CPD training to the needs of my clients.

Benefits of Online Counselling: 

Online Counselling is a convenient and affordable optionfor receiving support. It allows individuals who are usually unable to access Counselling services the opportunity to easily access high quality therapy. It is my intention to make Counselling available to those who may not have the time, or the resources to attend traditional therapy.

Session Details:


In the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose. Please ensure that the space you choose is quiet and well lit, and that you have no interruptions. You will need a laptop/PC with a microphone and webcam; plus a strong WiFi connection.


      Fridays between 1pm- 5pm

Please contact me to arrange a time that suits you best.

Clients Overseas: I reside in the UK, and therefore operate from the GMT time zone. I work only with clients that reside in countries that have social services. I am happy to find a time that works for us both.


60 min Initial Video Session: £50

50 min Video Sessions thereafter: £55-£60


 Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others. I will send you a link to the session, all you need to do is press the link and wait to be invited into the session.

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Feel free to contact me for further information on my online counselling sessions.

I look forward to hearing from you.